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All surgeries are performed by Dr. Frederick at North Central Surgical Center. Most surgeries are outpatient “day surgery”, but overnight stays are available at North Central if needed. This is a fully licensed surgical hospital and is part of the United Surgical Partners and Baylor Healthcare System Networks. Once you have decided to have surgery, you may call Summer at (214) 528-4185. If you have a specific day in mind, please allow at least 2 to 3 weeks advance notice to help us meet your request. All aspects of your surgery scheduling will be handled by our office including precertification of your surgery with your insurance carrier if needed. If you are scheduling surgery in person, you will be given a packet with instructions for your surgery. If you are scheduling by phone, the packet will be mailed to you. For most surgeries the patient will need to get pre-operative lab work. This can be done at the North Central pre-operative check in on the second floor or with your local physician. If lab work is done with outside physicians, the patient needs to be sure the results are faxed to Dr. Frederick before the scheduled surgery.


North Central Surgical Center
214 265-2810

Medications and Surgery

Please stop taking aspirin or any nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory (arthritis) medicines five (5) days before surgery. If you are taking prednisone or cortisone, continue taking this on your regular schedule, even the day of surgery with a small sip of water. If you have diabetes, do not take your morning insulin or pills on the day of surgery unless told differently by the anesthesiologist. Continue to take any other routine medication (for example – pills for your heart, blood pressure or asthma) on your regular schedule with a small sip of water. Any diet pills must be stopped three (3) weeks before any elective surgery. This is very important. Many diet pills have caused serious complications with anesthesia. Coumadin, Plavix or any blood thinner must be stopped before any surgery (usually 5 days before). It is probably best to coordinate this with both your internist and Dr. Frederick. If you are taking Coumadin, we request you stop 5 days before surgery and get a PT and INR blood test the day before your scheduled surgery and fax the results to us that day at 214-528-3074. Please bring all of your current medications to the hospital with you. Please make sure they are in the proper prescription bottles with labels. This helps both the hospital and Dr. Frederick make sure you stay on the proper medication.


Many surgeries on the hand, wrist, and elbow can be performed under regional anesthesia. This means the patient’s arm is made numb with an injection and the patient is sedated with an IV medication. This avoids a general anesthetic. Your anesthesiologist will discuss your options with you before your surgery. There are some instances where a general anesthetic is required. Dr. Frederick has used Dallas Anesthesia Associates for 20 years. This anesthesia group does thousands of orthopedic anesthetics a year and they are excellent at regional anesthetics. Every effort will be made to make sure your anesthesiologist is on your insurance plan.

Dallas Anesthesia Associates
214 827-7460